About Us

We provide our clients with company formation services and act as a single point of contact to provide a turnkey solution for our client’s needs in each market we serve. We operate across the GCC focusing primarily on the UAE in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait respectively.

We provide corporate nominee sponsorship services to our clients with a structure that provides for the protection of their investment. In addition, we provide company formation services that are tailored to our client’s needs.

Our Principals and Board of Directors bring over 40 years of combined worldwide experience across law, investment banking, corporate finance, management consulting, project management, technology, construction, marketing, property development and PR/communications to the firm. We are committed to bringing this range of skills together to ensure delivery of our client’s goals and key objectives.

Please contact us so that we can learn more about your company and provide you with a bespoke proposal tailored for your business and professional purposes.

Welcome to GCC Solutions.