ADGM SPVs (Special Purpose Vehicles in Abu Dhabi Global Market) are corporate vehicles that are typically private companies established for the purpose of segregating financial and legal risk, by ring-fencing assets and liabilities.

SPVs can be established as subsidiaries, joint or project venture vehicles to ensure that only those assets related to a transaction are disclosed to the liabilities associated with that transaction. As the key feature of an SPV is its separate legal entity, claims by the SPV’s creditors cannot bind to the assets of the SPV’s shareholders or any of its sister firms.

ADGM offers a platform from which to fulfill narrow, specific or temporary corporate objectives. ADGM has chosen to adopt the English model. Accordingly, ADGM SPVs follow the Companies Regulations rather than creating separate specific regulations for the SPV regime, offering consistency across our corporate vehicles. SPVs will be provided with a commercial license specifying that the company is undertaking Special Purpose Vehicle activities.


Why choose ADGM SPV?

• Common law jurisdiction

• Independent ADGM Courts

• Best-in-class independent regulatory framework

• Access to broad UAE double tax treaty network

• Variety of legal structures available

• Fast set-up

• No office requirement if agent appointed

• Quick and easy, fully digital registration process

• No attestation required for corporate documents

• Shelf SPVs permitted

• Less expensive to register than standard private limited companies

For more information on ADGM SPVs, please contact us to arrange a consultation.