Commercial Agent

Law No. 36 of 1964 on the Regulation of Commercial Agencies, and the Kuwaiti Commercial Code, Articles 260-296 regulates commercial agencies. Non-Kuwaitis may not act as commercial agents in Kuwait (Article 1 of Law No. 36 of 1964), and those who violate the rule are subject to three months imprisonment and/or a fine (Article 10 of Law No. 36 of 1964).

There are three types of Commercial Agency under Kuwaiti law:

• Contracts Agency
• Distributorship
• Commercial Agency

GCC Solutions is a 100% Kuwaiti owned company that provides services as a Commercial Service Agent. We act as a commercial agency for our clients which allows them to operate and transact goods and services in Kuwait without the need to set up an entity of their own.

For more information on our Commercial Agency Services, please contact us to arrange a consultation.