Limited Liability Company Formation in Oman

LLC company formation in Oman require an Omani shareholder with a minimum 30% shareholding holding with foreign nationals/companies being able to hold a maximum of 70% of the outstanding shares therein. The minimum required share capital to register an LLC with foreign shareholders is OMR 150,000 (USD 390,000). An LLC is required to have a minimum of two shareholders.

  • Each shareholder is liable only to the extent of his/her share capital
  • Public subscription for enhancing investment is not permitted
  • A foreign manager can be assigned for the day-to-day management of the business.
  • Omani shareholders usually play no part in the undertakings of the business
  • It is possible to share profits and losses in a ratio different to the share capital ratio

Benefits of forming an LLC Company Formation in Oman

There are various advantages to forming an LLC Company Incorporation in Oman:

  • The setting up of an Oman LLC requires only one director and two shareholders of any nationality
  • An Oman LLC can also be 100% foreign owned
  • No corporate tax
  • Quicker to form
  • No personal income tax


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