Offshore Company Formation Dubai

There are three primary Offshore jurisdictions in the UAE to choose from including the Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAK FTZ), Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) and Ajman Free Zone (AFZ).


GCC Solutions works with all the three jurisdictions as a registered agent and can provide offshore company formation services to create a bespoke offshore company. It can benefit from over 40 Double Taxation Treaties (DTAAs) the UAE currently has in place as well as its status as a white listed independent jurisdiction for Offshore purposes.

In addition to the DTAAs good benefits, the UAE has in place the shareholders of an Offshore company enjoy 100% foreign ownership, and there is no public register of company officers or shareholders therein which affords complete anonymity and privacy.

Offshore company formation Dubai, UAE can hold bank accounts in multiple currencies and are exempted from all corporate and income taxes applicable in the UAE. There are no foreign exchange restrictions, and companies benefit from full repatriation of the profits and capital to their preferred jurisdiction. As there is no requirement for an onshore office, there are no employees or related costs and a minimum of only of one Director / Shareholder is required for company formation.


What are the benefits of Offshore company formation Dubai, UAE?

The advantages of registering an offshore company in Dubai:

  • No auditing required
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Exemption from taxes
  • Short offshore company registration and incorporation time
  • High level of confidentiality. Not necessary to disclose information on directors and shareholders of the company
  • Shareholder is authorised to operate the company
  • Cost of forming an offshore company is low
  • No foreign currency restrictions
  • Authorised to open a corporate bank account in Dubai, UAE


Why choose GCC Solutions for Offshore company setup in Dubai, UAE?

We have strong relationships within the UAE financial sector and can provide our clients with an overview of the financial institutions in the UAE for your offshore company. We can facilitate the opening of bank accounts for your Offshore Company in multiple currencies including USD, GBP, Euro, and CHF as well as many others.

For more information on Offshore Company Formation in Dubai, please contact us to arrange a consultation.