US – Oman Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

US – Oman Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

On 2nd December 2008, The Federal Government of the United States and the Government of The Sultanate of Oman entered into The Free Trade Agreement (FTA). Companies based in the United States who would want to open a branch office to provide goods or services in the Sultanate of Oman can do so with the same business rights as Oman nationals. Therefore, no license is issued to a foreign company to have a branch unless they have a direct contract with the government.

An Omani shareholder is not required for US companies/individuals who seek to establish an LLC in Oman, provided that all the shareholders be US companies/individuals. The minimum share capital for LLCs qualifying under the US Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is OMR 20,000 (USD 52,000).

Benefits of US – Oman FTA

  • US businesses and nationals are permitted 100% investment in every sector of Oman
  • The process of documentation certification is simpler
  • The minimum share capital is OMR 20,000 (USD 52,000), which is a significant reduction when compared to other foreign nationals’ minimum capital of OMR 150,000 (USD 390,000).


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